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Environmental departments are typically thought of only as a cost center or a regulatory burden, as opposed to a potential source of revenue. By educating our clients on the true value of their environmental commodities and assisting them in managing their portfolio, we help create a cost-effective approach to environmental compliance while mitigating risk. And we make it as easy as possible.

    Key Points

  • Transactions are only the beginning, total project support

    We assist clients at all stages of compliance, from planning to permitting, procurement to ongoing portfolio management, through to the generation and monetization of credits upon shutdown or reduction. We work seamlessly with companies’ environmental and trading staff, the consultant(s), executive management, and legal counsel to support a project throughout its lifecycle, ensuring greater efficiency and success for our clients helping our clients realize better value at each stage. With expertise in trading in over 100 different emission markets, including VOC, NOx, SO2 emissions credits, we can help you meet all of your compliance needs.

  • Emissions dream team, in-house collective of compliance specialists

    Our staff is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in environmental economics, finance, engineering, energy trading, and environmental consulting, so we’re uniquely positioned to guide our clients through every facet of a project and identify innovative ways to meet compliance goals. Our in-house engineers have extensive knowledge of permitting, compliance, and emissions banking—in fact, we are the only emissions credit company with in-house staff who has experience completing emissions banking applications across non-attainment areas throughout the US.

  • Tremendous regional depth, specialized across U.S.

    Element Markets has the largest staff in the U.S. dedicated to the regional emissions markets, with managers focused on each non-attainment area in the U.S. We have transaction experience in all of the following markets:

    GULF COAST: Houston-Galveston Brazoria (HGB) and Baton Rouge

    NORTHEAST: Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Illinois

    WESTERN US: California (including South Coast, San Diego, San Joaquin, Imperial Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Bay Area, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, Yolo-Solano, Feather River, Placer, Butte, Tehama, Shasta, Colusa, San Luis Obispo, Mojave, and Antelope), Utah, and Wyoming.

Active Markets

Active Markets

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Direct Contacts

Randall Lack
Randall Lack

Randall Lack is a successful entrepreneur within the environmental commodity and alternative energy industries for almost two decades. In 2005, he co-founded Element and currently serves as Co-President. Mr. Lack’s extensive experience in structuring environmental commodity transactions including biogas, emissions, renewable energy credits, and greenhouse gases has eclipsed $1 Billion in total transactions completed, which has led him to be recognized as one of the top executives in the environmental markets. Randall is an acclaimed speaker and media resource in the areas of Biomethane, Renewable Energy Credits, Greenhouse Gas Trading, Regional Emission Markets, and pending emissions legislation and was a founding Board Member of the Renewable Natural Gas Coalition. In 2013, Randall was awarded the recognition of 40 under 40 by the Houston Business Journal recognizing him as one of the most influential young people in business in Houston. He received his BBA in Business from the University of Houston.

Kyle Brzymialkiewicz
Kyle Brzymialkiewicz

Kyle is the Vice President of Emissions for Element Markets for the Gulf Coast where he is recognized as a specialist in Emission Banking and Trading regulations, generation and usage strategies and supports companies in Texas and Louisiana, primarily with their Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) needs and opportunities. Prior to joining Element Markets, he spent ten years in the environmental consulting industry where he was predominantly engaged in Emission Banking and Trading. He has spearheaded over fifty ERC generation projects and applications in addition to serving as a Subject Matter Expert for Emission Banking and Trading policy discussions between Texas Trade Associations, the TCEQ and EPA, especially those discussions focused on area and mobile source Emission Reduction Credit eligibility and SIP integrity. Since 2016, Kyle has brokered over $200,000,000 in emission credit transactions in Texas and Louisiana.

Prior to 2011, Kyle held numerous roles providing air quality support to the refining, chemicals, terminals, and oil and gas industries. He has a broad experience base ranging in everything from tracking down BWON drains and performing LDAR audits, to coordinating and enhancing site compliance systems, to managing million-dollar EHS improvement projects, to supporting large capital projects. His experience in working as an engineer and manager through all levels of air quality issues combined with his emission trading experience gives him unique insight into the air quality challenges many companies face when operating in nonattainment or near-nonattainment areas. Kyle earned a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Texas (Austin).

John McDougal
John McDougal

John supports EM clients that are participating in carbon offset, emission reduction credit, and renewable natural gas markets for Element Markets. John has 10 years of experience in the environmental credit markets and specializes in development, certification, and commercialization of carbon offsets and emission reduction credits in the U.S. While on the engineering desk he has supported EM’s development and marketing operations in the biogas industry, managed over 18 carbon offset projects operating around the U.S., and successfully completed over 50 verifications as the project proponent for over 20 carbon offset projects registered with the Climate Action Reserve, the Verified Carbon Standard, or the American Carbon Registry. Prior to joining EM in May 2011, John worked as an Environmental Scientist for Millennium Science and Engineering in Atlanta, GA. His main tasks included environmental remediation of impacted industrial and commercial properties, construction oversight, and assisting clients with permitting and complying with state and federal standards for site specific operations. John has a BS in Biological Sciences from University of Georgia and an M.S. in Environmental Analysis and Management from Rice University in Houston, TX.

Christopher Lehmann
Christopher Lehmann

Chris came to Element Markets with eleven years of environmental consulting experience as a technical expert, client manager, and business unit manager. He has in-depth experience with emission quantification studies and was a foremost expert fugitive emission programs, having audited over seventy of the refineries and chemical plants in the United States. Chris, along with his teams, developed and implemented compliance and reporting tools for clients.

At Element Markets, he is responsible for developing systems and analytical tools critical to evaluating regulatory, technical, and market-based data to project impacts in the regional emission markets. Chris provides technical oversight and support for emission reduction applications in many states, most notably in Texas and Louisiana, and has led over twenty-five emission reduction credit banking applications.


Largest regional marketer of Emissions Credits in the US.
Successfully transacted in over 100 different emission credit pollutants