The Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District is the second-largest (by area) of California’s 35 air quality districts and covers San Bernardino County’s High Desert and Riverside County’s Palo Verde Valley. MDAQMD is committed to attaining and maintaining healthful air quality while supporting strong and sustainable economic growth for its 600,000 residents. MDAQMD has the primary responsibility for regulating stationary source air pollutants located within its jurisdictional boundaries. MDAQMD is classified as a non-attainment zone for Ozone and Respirable Particulate Matter (PM10).

In the MDAQMD stationary sources must obtain ERCs to satisfy the offset ratio requirements for the proposed emissions increase. Sources must obtain ERCs if they emit more than:

  • 100 tons/year of CO
  • 25 tons/year of NOx, ROC, SOx
  • 15 tons/year of PM10
  • 12 tons/year of PM2.5

The MDAQMD does not have an ERC exchange or trading program, but all ERCs must be registered and retired on the MDAQMD registry.  Applicants are required to submit MDAQMD issued certificates for ERCs that are submitted to the Registry.