Angela Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer, joined Element Markets in 2007 and was promoted to President & CEO in 2012. With the 2022 merger of Element Markets and Bluesource, her role expanded to encompass leadership of the largest climate company in North America. Over her decades-long career, she has closed over $3 billion of energy outsourcing and infrastructure contracts with Fortune 100 companies in both the deregulated and regulated power and gas markets and was an early proponent of the opportunities offered by the energy transition. Angela has built a successful development portfolio of wind, solar, methane, and greenhouse gas mitigation projects and helped establish the Company’s leadership position across environmental commodities and renewable fuels markets. Under her guidance the Company has solidified a reputation for helping clients mine the full benefits of existing regulatory and compliance frameworks while demonstrating environmental leadership, meeting renewable fuel targets, and supporting decarbonization initiatives. Prior to joining Element, Angela was Managing Director at Enron Energy Services (EES) responsible for running EES’s commercial origination group. Following Enron’s bankruptcy in 2001, Angela worked on behalf of the Creditor’s Committee until 2003 to manage the liquidation of some of EES’s most valuable assets. She also held senior sales and operating positions at Trilogy and Honeywell.