Eric Townsend joined Bluesource in 2007 and is based in the outdoor playground of Salt Lake City, Utah. Eric directs a range of Company activities including corporate strategy and implementation, finance and operations, and leads Blue Source’s mine methane destruction business. Prior to joining Bluesource, Eric was President of Landvoice Corporation and has held multiple roles at University Venture Funds and Morgan Stanley. Eric believes in the Biblical concept of responsible stewardship of the earth, including the repair and restoration of our climate, physical environment and natural resources. Whether it be paragliding, climbing in the mountains, leading whitewater trips or just flying a kite with his daughter, experiencing the outdoor wonders of our world reinforces Eric’s commitment to working for the preservation of our wild places and making Bluesource a material contributor in our global climate-recovery efforts. Eric received an MBA from the University of Utah and a BS in Sales Management from Purdue University.