Since joining Element Markets in early 2016, Faizal has focused on educating biomethane production facility owners and/or project developers on the process of generating and selling D3 RINs and LCFS credits to various obligated/regulated parties. This includes feedstock & facility analysis, biogas production, biogas cleanup & compression, biomethane pipeline injection & storage, biomethane offtake, facility registration & ongoing compliance,  CNG/LNG dispensing, Q-RIN validation services, and LCFS credit/ D3 RIN sales.

Faizal’s extensive experience in regulatory-driven and market-based environmental compliance program has given him a fundamental understanding of the supply and demand dynamics of these programs and their inherent risks. By properly understanding these risks, Faizal is able to provide potential biomethane producers the information needed to identify, analyze, and make an informed decision on the best opportunities for value creation in these markets based on their portfolio and risk profile.