Kyle is the Vice President of Emissions for Element Markets for the Gulf Coast where he is recognized as a specialist in Emission Banking and Trading regulations, generation and usage strategies and supports companies in Texas and Louisiana, primarily with their Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) needs and opportunities. Prior to joining Element Markets, he spent ten years in the environmental consulting industry where he was predominantly engaged in Emission Banking and Trading. He has spearheaded over fifty ERC generation projects and applications in addition to serving as a Subject Matter Expert for Emission Banking and Trading policy discussions between Texas Trade Associations, the TCEQ and EPA, especially those discussions focused on area and mobile source Emission Reduction Credit eligibility and SIP integrity. Since 2016, Kyle has brokered over $200,000,000 in emission credit transactions in Texas and Louisiana.

Prior to 2011, Kyle held numerous roles providing air quality support to the refining, chemicals, terminals, and oil and gas industries. He has a broad experience base ranging in everything from tracking down BWON drains and performing LDAR audits, to coordinating and enhancing site compliance systems, to managing million-dollar EHS improvement projects, to supporting large capital projects. His experience in working as an engineer and manager through all levels of air quality issues combined with his emission trading experience gives him unique insight into the air quality challenges many companies face when operating in nonattainment or near-nonattainment areas. Kyle earned a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Texas (Austin).