With experience in air emissions measurement and verification with Vinçotte International, Mihaly joined the Element Markets team in 2012. After managing regulatory compliance of a high-Btu biogas anaerobic digestion facility, he continued to take on a leading role in the development of proprietary quality assurance and verification platforms for environmental credits under federal and state level emissions trading programs. His experience includes verification and regulatory compliance of several renewable energy projects under the U.S Landfill Project Protocol, Renewable Fuel Standard, Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

Throughout his tenure at Element Markets, Mihaly and his team have been providing comprehensive solutions for maximizing value of renewable natural gas. This includes work done with biomethane producers, end users as well as regulatory authorities in the renewable natural gas space to create and market renewable fuel credits.

In his current role as Vice President of Biogas Operations and Business Development, Mihaly continues to apply his specialized compliance expertise and experience in the US environmental commodity and renewable fuels markets, while charting out new growth paths and pioneering innovative value creation avenues for Element Markets’ clients.

Mihaly holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Management, with a specialization in Environmental Management; as well as a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.