Element Markets is pleased to announce that the Blue Ridge Landfill in Fresno, Texas has been registered under a new Renewable Identification Number (RIN) pathway utilizing renewable natural gas (RNG) to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG). The Blue Ridge facility came online on November 30, 2018 and is marketed by MEM RNG, LLC (MEM), a joint venture between Element Markets and Morrow Renewables to bring RNG to the transportation fuels market.

The Blue Ridge facility serves business and residential customers in the Houston Metro Area, by providing safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal services. The landfill gas project is one of the largest in the United States.

The Blue Ridge facility has generated over 6,000,000 RINs from the production of RNG. As part of the registration process, MEM began storing biomethane in November 2018 and delivered the stored biomethane to transportation sector for the generation of RINs in March of this year.

Angela Schwarz, President of Element Markets, said that “This project highlights the benefits of our combined expertise.  Morrow Energy continues to be an industry leader in the development of RNG projects and is currently one of the largest producers of RNG in the United States.  Element Markets’ comprehensive marketing and environmental credit management services will support the continued success of the Morrow Renewables portfolio and we are pleased to have been selected to partner with this outstanding company.”

RNG produced from landfills reduces GHG emissions from waste management and displacing the use of fossil fuels in vehicles.  In addition to GHG reductions, RNG can serve as a long-term, fixed-price fuel source to avoid fossil fuel price volatility and enhances local economies through development, job creation and energy savings for operators of vehicle fleets. 



MEM RNG, LLC, a renewable natural gas (RNG) marketing joint venture formed between two pioneers of the RNG Industry, Morrow Renewables and Element Markets Renewable Energy, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Element Markets, LLC, to bring RNG to the transportation fuels market.  Under terms of the agreement, RNG produced by the majority of Morrow Renewables facilities is sold to and marketed by MEM RNG.  Element Markets provides the marketing and distribution services necessary to distribute and market the RNG, including conversion of the RNG to transportation vehicle fuel and management of renewable fuel credits resulting from use of the RNG vehicle fuel.