Element Markets is pleased to announce the hiring of Michael Prothro as the Director of Natural Gas Operations. Mr. Prothro will oversee the day-to-day operations for the gas desk and will replace Kevin Coyle, who is retiring from Element Markets after 6 years of excellent service.

“Element Markets is excited to have Mr. Prothro join our team. As the renewable natural gas industry continues to grow we were looking for someone who could handle the complexities of managing operational details of natural gas transportation and scheduling, while also delivering on the exceptional services our clients have come to expect,”  said Randall Lack, Chief Marketing Officer. “We would also like to thank Mr. Coyle for his dedication and great work over the past 6 years, as he has helped us grow as the largest independent marketer of renewable natural gas in the United States. We wish Mr. Coyle a wonderful retirement.”

Mr. Prothro joins Element Markets after a successful career of natural gas scheduling for some of the biggest companies, including Shell Energy North America, BG Group, Citigroup, and most recently at JERA America, where he was Senior Manager of Gas Transportation and Scheduling. Mr. Prothro has extensive experience in managing joint venture natural gas production and scheduling, pipeline scheduling, storage facility responsibilities, and managing customer relationships.

About Element Markets

Element Markets is a leading renewable natural gas marketing and environmental commodities company that applies its diverse expertise to provide structured environmental compliance and optimization services to prominent corporate and institutional clients. The company has a long history within the emissions, carbon, renewable energy credit, biogas and renewable fuel credit markets. Element Markets is headquartered in Houston, Texas and more information about the company is available at www.elementmarkets.com.