Element Markets Renewable Energy, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Element Markets, has entered into agreement with TruStar Energy to deliver biogas and manage Renewable Fuel Standard Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) and California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits.

Under the agreement, Element Markets will deliver biogas to TruStar Energy, which will then convert that fuel into compressed natural gas (CNG). The CNG will be available to consumers at TruStar fueling stations, making it eligible for generation of RINs and LCFS credits.

In addition, Element Markets also manages the generation and sale of the RINs and LCFS credits generated from use of the biogas CNG as vehicle fuel.

“Element Markets found the ideal partnership with TruStar,” Angela Schwarz, President & CEO said. “Both companies have their own expertise in these fields, and we are looking forward to growing this relationship as TruStar continues to expand their CNG footprint.”

About Element Markets, LLC

Element Markets is a leading renewable natural gas marketing and environmental commodities company that applies its diverse expertise to provide structured environmental compliance and optimization services to prominent corporate and institutional clients. The company has a long history within the emissions, carbon, renewable energy credit, biogas and renewable fuel credit markets. The company has twice been named as the “Emissions House of the Year” by Energy Risk Magazine. Element Markets is headquartered in Houston, Texas and more information about the company is available at www.elementmarkets.com.

About TruStar Energy

TruStar Energy, a subsidiary of Fortistar, is one of the nation’s leading developers of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations. With decades of experience in trucking and fueling, the company’s professionals are experts at designing and building CNG fueling stations that are ready on time, on budget and that are profitable for their owners. And with a rapidly growing network of public stations and 24/7 service and support, we’re always there when you need us.