Element Markets is pleased to report that all employees are safe. Having said this, the effect on the Houston community is widespread and dramatic and we all have friends that have lost everything due to this storm. Through it all, however, the acts of human kindness and community have sustained us as a city. Now that the rains have stopped, we have begun the long and arduous task of recovery.

In order to do our part, Element Markets has partnered with the Red Cross to support the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Element Markets is committed to helping Houston and ensuring the long-term well-being of those who have lost everything in the flood, and will match, up to $50,000 in aggregate, donations to the Red Cross.

“Element Markets is part of the fabric of Houston, our business is headquartered here and our employees make their homes here. In addition to all of the work our employees are doing in their communities, partnering with the Red Cross gives us another way to help our neighbors who have been devastated by the storm. It also allows our partners outside of Houston an effective way to help,” said Randall Lack, Chief Marketing Officer of Element Markets.

Element Markets will match donations made through URL specific donation page on the Red Cross website. The webpage can be found at the follow address: https://www.redcross.org/donate/cm/elementmarkets-pub