Element Markets’ innovative work in the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and environmental markets has once again been recognized by Energy Risk Magazine with the inaugural “Environmental Products House of the Year” award received at a ceremony on May 14th. The award, bestowed upon only one company globally each year, recognizes excellence in providing environmental products across global markets. Winning firms must contribute positively to the development of the market and innovations that address challenges facing clients.

“We are honored to be the inaugural recipient of this prestigious award,” said Angela Schwarz, President and CEO of Element Markets. “We are deeply grateful to our forward-thinking clients and partners as we continue to push the expansion of the Renewable Natural Gas, Emissions, and Greenhouse markets, and are proud to be recognized for our efforts.”

Element Markets’ customer-centric approach and expertise across the largest compliance and voluntary markets available, including RNG, emissions credits, renewable energy credits (RECs), and carbon, distinguishes it from the competition. The company is trusted to provide turn-key management solutions spanning all environmental commodity markets and has now eclipsed over $3 billion in environmental commodity transactions.

In addition to winning the inaugural Environmental Products House of the Year award, Element Markets has previously been named “Emissions House of the Year” by Energy Risk Magazine an unprecedented three times.

Element Markets’ highlights from the past year include:

Element Markets distinguishes itself in the RNG market on both the demand and supply side. With 80% year-over-year growth, Element Markets now represents over 20 operating projects in North America. The company has achieved this by continuing to register new pathways under both the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and was recently awarded the best Carbon Intensity score rated to date by the California Air Resources Board.

In addition to the company’s leadership in the transportation fuel markets, Element Markets has pioneered new ways for corporations looking to address their Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions using RNG. Element Markets has worked with several companies looking to address their thermal emissions to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals and has now sold more biogas to voluntary buyers than any other company in the United States.

Element Markets houses one of the largest carbon offset portfolios in the U.S. and acts as an offset project manager for over 20 current emissions reduction projects. This allows the company to serve a variety of compliance and voluntary buyers across the United States and Canada. In both RGGI and AB32, Element Markets is one of the largest asset managers in the marketplace providing comprehensive compliance solutions through structured product services. Under Element Markets’ asset management service, all of their clients met their RGGI and California AB32 Compliance Period II goals with 100% compliance.

Element Markets continues to be the largest marketer in the U.S. emissions markets by market share based on volume and value. Element Markets accounted for approximately 65% of the total volume of transactions for all regional emissions markets in 2018.

The company has made a huge impact in two markets in particular. In the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria market, Element Markets managed a procurement for a client where the volume and aggregate purchase price were more than the total amount transacted in the market over the previous 5 years combined. Element Markets also completed the largest emissions credits transaction in recent history in the Northeast Emissions Markets, which was a procurement for over 750 tons of NOx Emission Reduction Credits for a confidential client.


About Element Markets
Element Markets is a leading renewable natural gas marketing and environmental commodities company that applies its diverse environmental expertise to provide structured environmental compliance and optimization services to prominent corporate and institutional clients. The company has a long history within the emissions, carbon, renewable energy credit, biogas, renewable natural gas, and renewable fuel credit markets. Element Markets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Element Markets, LLC, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. More information about the company is available at www.elementmarkets.com.