Element Markets, LLC, in conjunction with Basin Electric Power Cooperative, is providing Chevrolet with verified carbon emissions reductions from the following clean energy projects:

  • Waste Heat Recovery projects in Culbertson, MT and Garvin, MN: capture the waste heat generated by compressor stations along a natural gas pipeline to produce zero emissions electricity.
  • Crow Lake Wind: a 108 turbine wind farm that is co-owned by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, the Mitchell Technical Institute, and a consortium of over 600 rural landowners in South Dakota.
  • Prairie Wind: a 77 turbine wind farm in North Dakota that was the largest project solely owned by a rural cooperative at the time of its construction.

Chevy’s carbon reduction projects 

“Element Markets is pleased to have been selected as a supplier of carbon reductions to Chevy through our partnership with Basin Electric,” said Angela Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of Element Markets. “This transaction highlights the ideal intersection of our environmental marketing services and our commitment to the clean transportation sector.”

Element Markets will provide assistance in validating and verifying the emissions reductions from these projects and provide them to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, which will retire them on behalf of Chevrolet.