Firm recognized as the Premier Marketer of US Environmental Products for fourth consecutive year

Element Markets, LLC, a Houston-based biomethane developer and leading supplier of environmental credits, has been awarded 1st place honors in several categories of the survey administered by Energy Risk. Energy Risk covers the global commodity markets and isthe premier source of commodity trading news, analysis and events.

Element Markets was recognized in the following categories:

• #1 Dealer – U.S. SO2 & NOx
• #1 Dealer – U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
• #1 Dealer – U.S. Voluntary Emission Reductions (GHG)
• #2 Dealer – U.S. Renewable Energy Certificates

The Environmental Rankings are derived from an annual poll of leading participants in global environmental markets, including brokers, traders, government officials and consultants. The Energy Risk 2011 Environmental Rankings poll received 406 valid votes. Respondents were asked to vote for their preferred dealers and brokers for each category in which they operate. The poll is not intended to be a reflection of market volumes, but rather a reflection of how market participants are viewed in terms of overall quality.

“2011 was a strong year for Element Markets as we expanded our marketing business to serve our growing client base,” said Angela Schwarz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Element Markets. “The company is poised for continued growth in support of our clients under California’s AB32 Program, the Cross States Air Pollution Rule, and further expansion in the Renewable Energy and Transportation Credits.”