Element Markets supplied the ultra-low carbon renewable natural gas (RNG) utilized in Pivotal LNG’s delivery of renewable liquefied natural gas (RLNG) to Harvey Gulf International Marine’s Carbon-Neutral Platform Supply Vessel, as detailed in a March 21, 2022 press release.  Element Markets Co-President and CEO Angela Schwarz was quoted in the release with the following statement: “We are honored to be part of the significant progress underway in decarbonizing marine transportation and congratulate Pivotal LNG and Harvey Gulf for their sustainability leadership. We also extend acknowledgement to Monarch Bioenergy for producing the ultra-low carbon RNG used in this latest bunkering event.”

The announcement of this bunkering event followed JAX LNG’s September 2021 press release of the first RLNG fueling of a marine vessel in the United States, for which Element Markets was also the supplier.

The full March 2022 release is available here.