Element Markets and Interface were recognized by the Sustainable Leadership Purchasing Council (SPLC) at their annual summit awards luncheon for their leadership in the sustainable purchasing movement. Element Markets and Interface received the prestigious Outstanding Case Study Award, which recognizes high quality case studies that document efforts to exercise and a support leadership in sustainable purchasing.

Randall Lack and John McDougal, from Element Markets, and Lisa Conway, from Interface, were in attendance to accept the award.

“Interface is a pioneer in the sustainability movement dating back to their initial efforts towards sustainability in 1994.  We were honored to be asked to work with the interface team to create a solution to mitigate their Scope 1 Emissions from their natural gas usage. This is the type of project and client that we come to work for.,” said Randall Lack, Chief Marketing Officer at Element Markets.

The outstanding case study focused on the innovative product Element Markets created in conjunction with Interface to address scope 1 natural gas emissions through the use of biomethane injected into the natural gas pipeline. This unique use of biomethane allowed Interface to tackle its on-site thermal emissions to achieve its goal of emissions reductions at its facility in Georgia.

Additionally, Element Markets and Interface participated in an Innovation Accelerator Roundtable Panel at the summit.  Titled “Utilization of Biomethane in Carbon Neutral Products: A Case Study with Interface,” the panel discussed innovative projects, initiatives, big ideas, or next/best practices.  During the roundtable discussion Randall Lack (Element Markets) and Kathy McDuffie, Vice President of Procurement at Interface, educated attendees on the ins and outs of procuring pipeline injected biomethane including; costs and constraints, regulatory aspects, and proper verification and certification. The discussion was geared towards both sides of the supply chain, with suppliers gaining insight into the creation of a novel product class and how to effectively market these goods to sustainable purchasers, and buyers learning how to integrate carbon neutral products into their supply chain, to ultimately achieve a reduction in their company’s carbon footprint.

“A special thanks goes out to Buddy Hay of Interface. Buddy is an innovator in the space and working closely with him was an honor,” said Randall Lack.